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Considering the life altering experience of Weight Loss Surgery? Keys to a successful surgical weight loss program include:

Bariatric Coordinators

Two of the greatest assets in our bariatric surgery center are our nurse coordinators. These highly trained professionals are experts in managing bariatric surgery patients. Their enthusiasm and energy will inspire you throughout your weight loss process, and they will be your direct contacts to our program and its various support services. All of our Nurse Coordinators are committed to helping you achieve your goals as rapidly and as safely as possible.

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Bariatric Surgery

If you have tried other methods of losing weight and have been disappointed with the results or had a hard time maintaining them over time, you are not alone. There are many others out there who, just like you, are frustrated and looking for a safe, sensible solution to achieve lasting weight loss.

It is estimated that over 120 million people in the US are suffering from the serious physical and emotional effects of obesity - that's almost 65% of the population. Bariatric surgery is a treatment option for people living with morbid obesity – especially for those who have not experienced long-term weight loss success through other means.

Bariatric surgery is the clinical term for several different weight loss surgery procedures. Our Louisiana clinic offers multiple bariatric surgery options to help you lose weight and fight obesity.

Get a Second Chance.

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