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Weight Loss Options

LAP-BAND® Revision
Lap Band Revision

For many patients LAP-BAND® surgery is an effective, minimally-invasive tool for assisting in weight loss. However, in some cases patients who choose gastric banding find they are not achieving their weight loss goals or they may develop complications that cannot be resolved without additional surgery. Unlike an adjustment, which is completed by non-surgically altering the saline level in the band, a revision can be comprised of three treatment options: replacement, repositioning, or removing the LAP-BAND® completely. If you are not satisfied with a previous LAP-BAND® surgery, revisional surgery may be your best option for continuing your weight loss success.

Reasons for LAP-BAND® Revision Surgery:

  • · Unsatisfactory weight loss or weight gain
  • · Slippage causing a chronic or acute condition.
  • · Infection around the site of the port
  • · Unresolved co-morbidities

The most common cause for LAP-BAND® revision surgery is due to infection around the site of the port. Occasionally, the band will need to be removed and the surgeon will recommend the gastric sleeve or duodenal switch to prevent weight re-gain and to promote continued weight loss. Band repositioning is typically performed when the LAP-BAND® has “slipped” causing a large portion of the stomach to rest above the band and prevent weight loss. In some cases removing the saline fluid will cause the band to loosen and slip back into place. If this method is unsuccessful, the surgeon may have to surgically reposition the band.

In most cases doctors are able to perform a revision that will return the LAP-BAND® to full functionality again. Patients who are at risk for regaining weight or whose metabolisms cannot support weight loss with gastric banding may be recommended gastric sleeve surgery as an alternative to completely removing the band.

Preventing LAP-BAND® Complications
It is recommended that LAP-BAND® patients follow specific diet and exercise guidelines to assist with weight loss and prevent complications with their band. During the first year after surgery, monthly follow-up visits at our Louisiana weight loss surgery center will allow your surgeon to monitor your weight loss and take a proactive stance on preventing complications.

Finding Revision Surgery in Louisinana
If you are searching for a weight loss center in Louisiana to perform your LAP-BAND® revisional surgery, the Surgical Clinic of Louisiana offers impressive patient satisfaction and safety ratings and is a certified Bariatric Center of Excellence®. To learn if you are a candidate for surgery, contact our office in Marrero, LA to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Drs. Treen or Belott.

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